Yin & Yang - Flower of Life - Mousepad

Yin & Yang - Flower of Life - Mousepad

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The Flower of Life is a Pattern in Sacred Geometry that acts like a Blueprint to everything in the Universe. Many different mathematical Ratios and geometric Forms that are found within the World, can be found within the Flower of Life aswell. This helps us understand Reality and it reminds us of various Principles found in Life and the Unity behind everything, including Consciousness.

Yin & Yang, or otherwise called Tao, shows us that there are always two Sides to a Matter. That there are Opposites acting themselves out in the World and that there is always Good to be found in Bad and vice versa. It reminds us to seek the Balance that can always be found. Embracing both Sides ,Yin & Yang, equally and finding the middle Way, Tao.
Both Symbols coming together create an incredible Intricacy, revealing unseen Aspects of their Properties to the Observer.
An appealing Accent on one's Desk, this High Quality Mousepad is designed to provide a smooth, consistent, and durable Surface.

.: 4mm thick Neoprene
.: Non-Slip
.: Full Print