Dreaming Fox - Mug 11oz

Dreaming Fox - Mug 11oz

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The Fox Spirit is a very cunning one, in tune with both the Outer and the Other Realm. It represents Swiftness and Responsiveness of the Mind. It is Agile, Stealthy and Adaptable. Creative and Wise.

With a Hightened Awareness the Fox connects both Worlds while Waking and while Dreaming, turning One into the Other. Making Dreams become Reality and Reality become Dreams.
This Handrawn Dreaming Fox in a Rainbow Tribal Style is showing both the Magical Shamanistic Nature of Dreaming and the associated Chakra Energies being at Work within the Body of the Fox while exploring the Spiritual Plane.
"Hundreds of Thousands of People have no Idea what Rest is, would scare them to Death if, for the first Time, they really came into this State, which has something of Dreaming Magic about it." ~Prentice Mulford
Perfect for Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate, this classic Shape white, durable Ceramic Mug in the most popular Size. High Quality sublimation Printing makes it an appreciated Gift to every true Hot Beverage Lover.

.: White Ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded C

Height, in
Diameter, in
.: C-Handle